# Y15-80100-08 # Refurbished#FDA Cleared Muscle Pain Tens Unit
# Y15-80100-08 #
Refurbished#FDA Cleared Muscle Pain Tens Unit
$ 7
  • FDA Cleared: Highly ensured for optimal safety when getting fast relief through certifications, further protects you from harmful additives and consumption of prescription medication. Note: Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients, and not safe for people with pacemakers.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TENS DEVICE: Helps in easing pain, tiredness, activate circulation for pain relief
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED: Created by professionals using body simulation technology, bionic technology, bio-electric technology and intelligent microcomputer control technology to penetrate muscle groups deeper than and more effectively
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME & INTENSITY: Adjust the default times conveniently between 10-60 minutes intervals with 20 additional levels of intensity. Automatic shut off mechanism
  • 16 PRE-PROGRAMMED MODES, GREAT MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAL: Choose between a diverse range of offerings from Knocking, Acupuncture, Abdominal, Brain, Feet, Ear, Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibration, Rubbing and more with the simple touch of a button
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FeaturesTouchscreenA/B IndependentTens UnitA/B IndependentTouchscreenMassager for full body
Modes12 Modes20 Modes16 Modes20 Modes12 Modes
Pads12 Modes24 Reusable Pads12 Reusable Pads24 Reusable Pads12 Modes
Independent Dual Channel

Ohuhu TENS Unit Electric Muscle Stimulator Machine


The unit is designed so you can get multiple outputs through the 12 adhesive conductive reusable pads ( 6 small + 6 large) and no gels are needed.


The battery lasts up to 10 hours of continuous use and can be charged using a USB port or a wall charger with a battery indicator.


The unit is pocket-sized for convenience in use so you can get relief anywhere, anytime.


Easily adjustable settings can be seen through the animated display which gives you massage mode, intensity and time control with an auto-off function.


1. Adjustable 10-60 minute timer by using "T" button, default timer: 20 minutes.

2. Adjustable 20 levels of intensity by using "+"&"-" button.

3. 16 modes totally 2-4 massage methods under each mode (convert by using center & M button).


Designed for use on two people simultaneously and multiple different areas of the body.

This product is ideal is those experiencing back pain, arthritis, inflamed discs/joints, shoulder pain, body tension, injuries, chronic pain and more.

Note: Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients, and not safe for people with pacemakers.